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Wednesday, September 14th, 2005
4:35 pm - facebook
Yeah. Its kinda funny how everyone is now on Facebook... i dont think anyone looks at this anymore... i mean.. i havnt been here for like... 3 weeks?? who knows.
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Saturday, September 10th, 2005
10:28 am
Mono is going around and I'm getting sick.

On the bright side I get to watch The Bradey Bunch Movie.

P.S. We won the game yesterday. It was cool.

current mood: tired and sick
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Saturday, August 20th, 2005
1:32 am - Senior year
So it kinda sux that i have such a full scedual... but I like it.
1st Sem
1. Trig- Petrof
2. Adventure Ed 1- Chmela (so pissed cuz i originally had Jones)
3. Homebase
4. 2 Spanish H- Roubekas
5. Physics H- Geni
6. Physics H- Geni
7. Lunch
8. Senior Studies
9. Senior Studies (HELL YEAH)
10. Senior Studies

2nd Sem
1. Trig- Petrof
2. Lifetime- Nannini (i get out of it for Lacrosse)
3. Homebase
4. 2 Spanish H- Roubekas
5. Physics H- Geni
6. Physics H- Geni
7. Lunch
8. Senior Studies
9. Senior Studies (But not really...)
10. Senior Studies

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Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
1:13 pm
*I just decided to post since i am bored and i can't sleep. Last night was fun. We stayed in just to watch the new Laguna Beach and My Super Sweet Sixteen.
*Also, Rachel and I planned out Cotillion this year.. haha... 3 months in advance. So yea, we got all the info that will come in handy in December. =) (*it involves a Limo, nice dinner, and us partying it up that night and a road trip in the morrning*)
*Volleyball is what is keeping me busy this whole week... or at least untill he makes cuts (and if i get cut). Right now i would say i have a 75% maybe a bit less chance of getting cut, but i wont kill myself over it.
*I kinda wanna try out for cheerleading in the Winter... who wants to do it with me??? I know you do!!
*I can't sleep... so i am watching Step by Step and Mark (the geeky kid) just got turned down by a girl he thoguht was his girlfriend... OWCH.
Peace out buggas!!!!

current mood: exhasted and soar!!!
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Monday, August 8th, 2005
4:10 am - This year
*I'll try my best seeing as I am a little gone...*
I wrote this entry on the plane home... and if you saw me tonight, you would have noticed i stuck by what i said:

This year:
Its all about the good times and the memories I will have this year. Screw everythin else. Screw grudges. Screw old fights. Screw what everyone thinks. This ywar is all about the friends, the laughts, the parties, the fun, the smiles... Everything positive. No more highschool drama shit. I'm... WE are fucking SENIORS!!! The best year of our lives. And fuck that. I am not throwing away that change/ those chances on stupid shit from last year. So starting now (or like... since 8 o'clock last night) its a whole new, fun, happy, crazy, ooutgoing, interesting Christine. YUP!! Thats me! I can't wait to start.

Plus this year is all about the parties every weekend!!!!

Homecomming queen court this year?? Still thinking it over... maybe... i probabkly would never get on... but still... a girl can "dream" (if thats what you call it) Who knows!!!

It's like the add I sawin teh airport: it was Kermit the frong and it says, "Eats flies. Dates a Pig. Big hollywood movie star." Be you!!! Go far!!! You can DO IT!!! hahahahaha

P.S. Who wants to be with me on these dates FO SHO:Aug 12, Sep 2, No 7, and Dec 13. They are special... you'll see why.
Ah. and now i leave for another trip in... like jalf an hour.. I packed tonight, so i am not quite SURE whats in my suit case seeign as i was not in the right mind when i packed it.....

current mood: tipsy... wareing off
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Thursday, July 28th, 2005
5:07 pm - - - Friends - -

Friends... not that big of a concept right?? Well... we'll see.
  The actual deffinition of "friends" is: 1.A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts 2.A person whom one knows; an acquaintance 3.A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade. 4.One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement
  And the urban deffinition is: a good friend will bail you outta jail. a best friend will be right there next to you saying "dude that was fucking awesome!!!!!!!"
  A real friend is someone who: a)it's okay to fart in front of   b)you don't mind talking to on the bus for atleast 20 minutes   c)can borrow $5 and never has to pay it back   d)you'll actually call up do stuff.
  To be friends you need somthing in common.
  I have 2 best friends.
India and Alex.
  Now mind you even if Alex wasn't my boyfriend, we'de still be pretty tight.
  I have a lot of things in common with the two of these very important people in my life.
  Lets take India for example... if she doesnt mind... the two of us have a lot in common. We both are picky eaters, we both go crazy over stupid things & we both love to have fun exspecially together.
  -Friends call eachother just to check in and say hi
  -Friends compliment eachother
  -Friends like to do things with eachother
  -Friends like doing the same things (ie: going out to certian places, meeting up with certian people, taking a certian amount of time to get ready, watching the same movies, listening to the same music)
         Now im not saying that if you have a friend that you have to do everything together or that yuou have to like everything the other one likes... but there has to be somewhat of a likeness.
  -Friends click
  -Friends make sure the other one is oh kay and rubbs thier back while the other one is crying
  I'm not sure what all of this means---> but i was thinking while taking my shower today about what someone told me eairlier about friends.
  I have had the best time here in California and I am so excited that India invited me. We have had to much fun and it just shows to me how much we click and that we can talking about being friends for a veery long time and even living together after college and making rediculioius life goals into becomming famous together.
  Thats i guess the deffinition to me of friends.
           Two people who can talk about everything, cry together, laugh together, and plan out our lives together after 2...3 years.

"Friends like you for who you are, not what you have"


current mood: contemplative
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Friday, July 22nd, 2005
1:11 am

O.. just go look at India's!!!  indage

Yeah!! Missin you!!!


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Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
8:19 pm - shalom shalom
Well guess what everybody... i smell bad.
Just got home from volleyball.. which i now officaly suck at. and then i went to gymnastics where i saw my fav. lesbian lover: CARA!! And guess who else!! CRISTINA KUSAKA!!! Yippee!! My other lover who moved. (porb cuz i smell so bad). and yes. i got to chat with her. And I saw Gobi, and Naomi, and Emma, and... Drew, and Chan, and JONES!! yes yes yes. Anywho... i smell really bad and need to take a shower. Sean's tonight... at least I can walk there....
P.S. Yes.. I am going to take a shower now.

current mood: Smelly and swetty... yuck!!!
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Friday, July 15th, 2005
8:55 am
Haleluya... i should know how to spell that, but i don't.
Everything is over. Going, going, GONE. Everything meaning all the "Drama" with my family about this last weekend.
Last night i got so much occomplished! Had this huge long convo with my mom about everything. and now i get to go see Wicked with her! I am soooo excited!!!
And the stupid wax never works. I hate it. I need to try that bladeless razor with nair.. anyone try it yet?? Does it work??? Let me know.
Noyes St. Kids... AH! brigns back so many memories!!! But it was so short... and i was wearing the same rediculious outfit durring the whole thing.. YUCK. but my part was A-MAZING! (i was a model agent and i got to yell at people and say, "oh darlin. that 60s loko is soo 90s. come to my stupdio at 9." God I am good.) haha.
Time to get ready for work. LAST DAY OF CAMP!!! Yipppeee!!!!!

current mood: awake
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Thursday, July 14th, 2005
8:59 am - on a scale of one to ten... I'm at a 7...
Ho Hum... i think I am about to get _ _ _ _ _ into some deep shit... not like he already is... but i bet i could convicne my dad to call his parents... what do you think that would do???
I'm not gonan say I am pissed at him beuase right now im not AS pisssed as I could be, but I will soon if my dad said somthing... but i know what im gonna say to my dad and it all points to _ _ _ _ _.

Figured it might be a LITTLE bit better not to name names... but its not like no one knows who I am talking about....

current mood: tired
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Sunday, July 10th, 2005
8:13 pm - lalala
Lalala. Basicaly all and all i think most people got off easy... except for Kali and Faby... but thast about it. Most of us got pretty lucky as shit.
I have realized that i need to take a brake, i mean, i hardly party that much, but the last two times i did i had to have a convo with the coppers. So.. no more for a bit... and no. i dont have the deffinition of a bit.
Love yalls.
P.S. New Picture? Like it? Leave it? I can't decide...

current mood: hot
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Friday, July 8th, 2005
12:23 am - The New Trend
"Chuck-chuck" is the NEW "it" word.

Fo sho.

P.S. Last day of Camp sesion I lessons (tommorw)!!! YES YES YES!
Count down: 14 days.
P.P.S. I did a practice college app today... SENIORS 06!! What what!

current mood: sleepy
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Sunday, July 3rd, 2005
11:47 am - COPS
"Bad boys, bad boys, what cha gonna do? what cha gonna do when they come for you??"

Why were the cops called exactly?? Let's see...
-"Some people" kept turrning on a neighboor's sprinkaler and running threw it
-We set of fireworks last night
-A loud fight in the middle of the street occured
-People were smoking weed outside (while the cops were there) and they were heard...
-Stupid reason that a car was "blocking" a driveway.

But nothign happend. So its all good. We are jsut some routy bunch of teens who like to have fun and not get caught! Sweet. I bet tho if we wern't in the village NOTHING would have happened.

Eh.. i have to put up pictures from Sean's bday and last ngiht.. and Lake geneva.. but its takes a long time... so I'll do them eventualy.

current mood: tired-lastest slept this summ
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Wednesday, June 29th, 2005
6:38 pm - Zoombile Zoo

Does ANYONE remember THIS???
"Everyone up
Everyone in
Time for the fun to begin
Come along with us to

Zoobilee Zoo
Zoobile Zoo
Magic and wonder are waiting for you
It's as close as a dream
And as bright as the brightest blue
Welcome to Zoobilee Zoo

Let us introduce the Zoobles to you...

I'm Mayor Ben, I'm here to lend a helping hand
And I'm Builder Beaver - I invent things on command
There's daring and adventure when Lookout comes to call
And a kangaroo named Wassat who puts music to it all
I'm Van Gough the Lion, just color me fun
And you will shout, "Bravo" once the show has begun
Everyone spread the news.
There's so much to see and do
Just ask Talkatoo
When you're in Zoobilee...

Zoobilee Zoo
Zoobilee Zoo
Magic and wonder are waiting for you
So come on with us now
And discover the wonder of you.
Welcome to Zoobilee Zoo"
         anyone? anyone?

current mood: happy
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Monday, June 27th, 2005
3:02 pm

Lifes Pretty Crazy right now.

*Oliva is my love. We are complete best friends right now and I love her so much. How could you not?! I just got off the phone with her. I havn't really hung out with her for a day in a half and we are both so sad. But our sleepover was fun.
*I feel like we are sisters cuz i take care of her and we tell eachother everything and ask eachother for advise. AHH!! I LOVE HER.
*I am watching Date my Mom right now... this guy is NUTS!!
*Last night was so fun. Me and Alex played tennis and it was A-MAZING i kicked his ass.
*I had dinner with his Dad, Tyler (his bro bro), and Eli(Tyler's best friend). it was nuts.
*Hitch (the movie) was alright. Some parts were good, some... not so good.
*Date my Mom is so annoying and its all fake with really BAD acting and filming.
*Photography today is gonan be nuts- I am bringing in all my old picutres... yikes
*Eww. This show is DISCUSTING.
*I'm done.

P.S. INDIA!!!!!!!!!! I would say call me- but i just talked to you. Find out the DETIALS about ur daddy!! So I can tell work. =) I AM SO EXCITIED!! I hope it works out tho!!!!!!!!!!!

"im gonna tell him yourvery outgoing, your very spontaniously"-- Date my Mom

current mood: they should have a "tan" one=)
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Friday, June 24th, 2005
4:58 pm
At Olivia's.
Alex, Christopher and Greg are here.
Me and Olivia just washed the boy's cars.. and her daddy's. It took a long ass time. and NO ONE even said thank you... well Christopher did... so basicaly Alex didnt say it. Poop on him.
Sleepover tonight!! Exciting!!

current mood: creative
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Thursday, June 16th, 2005
11:20 am - Thats Hot
Your Boobies' Names Are: Abercrombie & Fitch

Uh India... theres another reason to be "threatend" by me. Beat THAT! (If you dont understand... think about it and give me a call darlin.)
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Wednesday, June 15th, 2005
4:58 pm - Heres some Italian for all you ass bitches.
*Penso che sia genere di divertente quello quando là è un partito (specificaly alla mia casa) o se so in qualche luogo per bere, o somthing come quello ottengo milioni di chiamate dagli amici. Ma quando li scoprono il arn't che beve, o se non ci è "partito" allora io non ottiene una singola chiamata. Nessuno. Nessun seccature sul chiedermi che cosa sto facendo quella notte, becuase non conosco un posto per bere, o il becuase la mia casa non è semplicemente freddo essere al becuase che non possono bere. Onestamente... così tanto per "gli amici". Gli amici non usano la vostra casa una notte al partito e non neppure non si preoccupano di denominarli il resto della settimana dal paty esso sopra.
*In altre notizie... la maggior parte della gente nel mio simile succhia.

Odio la merda.

To the people this is to... all i have to say is this:
*Vaffunculo fuori e vada cuz che non siete i miei amici, femmine giuste di scopata voi stessi che desiderano ottenere ubriache ed il relativo così pathetic che dovete fare un obiettivo per youself che è "io non berrà e non guiderà per thats della merda di mese intero" appena TRISTI!!
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Monday, June 13th, 2005
3:07 am - Pointless...

My screen is so bright right now I have to shield my eyes.
I can't sleep.. even though I should. I have to wake up around 8:45.. which is in... 5 hours (and 45 min) but no. I can't. What all do I have to do tommorw?
Good question.
1. Shower (I am very diry)
2. Go to Orentation at the pool(10-12)--- thank god we arnt getting in the water... at least I hope not.
3. Home to look for Macbeth and to drop off the car for Nickolace to go back to the pool to lifeguard. I donno if I would trust him with my life... but who knows... people act differntly in differnt situations.
4. Alex picks me up and we go to the school to return all of our lovely junior books... afterall, we are seniors now. What what! '06!
5. Nap. 'nuff said.
6. Alex takes me to Lighthouse at 3:30 where I will T.A. in photography untill 6ish.
7. Find a ride to my church after I get out of lighthouse.
8. Show up for VBS late, and tell Aurther that I am leaving early (let's say... 7:30 *as opposed to 8:30..9*)
9. Come home (probabaly by walking), change, and join the party downstairs.
Sounds like fun, hu? But I bet you didn't need to know all that... basicaly this is for my personal interest to see all that I have to do tommorw.
and also remember:
- Take all jewely OFF!!
- Look for my Macbeth book (try cubbie) *NOT in room*
- Clean room sometime--- at least put away clothes??

And now:
*Lo----> thanx. I owe you major. lets not tell anyone about our *my* little accedent, oh kay? thanx for staying up and looking out for me. *No more shakes...* =) "So?" "So?! What?! Are you nuts?!" *is what I shoudl have said!!!*
*Heidi, Kali, Kristen---> Call me with detials... leave a voice message. whatever. Leave shit in my room if you must... i got $. =) and I am not afraid to spend it...
*Heidi----> Our little adventure together MIGHT have to be post-poned due to money areas... hence new purse and tommorw.. well tonight's activities.
Well... yalls should all come check out my room tommorw. its so hot! Just a peek. No messing around in there... you know who you are!!
Well I guess that is all for the night... Now I just have to try to sleep for a good 5 hours and... i dont even know how many min. Wish me luck??

P.s. Nick just got home... maybe I'll see what hes up to...

current mood: i should be this...
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Sunday, June 5th, 2005
10:06 pm - II'm brushing my teeth
Went to the beach today. got burnnnned. But its all good.. I'm not so white anymore plus it iwll turn brownish.
Math tommorw then the beach again... i think... ah. i dont want to study. Good luck everyone tommorw.

current mood: clean....
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