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And I'm living.... Trailor Fabulous!!! ♥

yup... '06 is gonna kick your ass.

5 January
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What can I say? *I am a fun loving teenager who usualy can't stand their rents and loves to just chill with friends. *I go through stages of the good, the bad, and the ugly. *I love to party as most people do, along with the boys. *X-specialy the one I got now.♥Alex♥ *I can be very confusing, but deal. *I love my life, and i dont plan on going anywhere.=)
♥Ohana♥ =family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

***This year:***
Its all about the good times and the memories I will have this year. Screw everythin else. Screw grudges. Screw old fights. Screw what everyone thinks. This ywar is all about the friends, the laughts, the parties, the fun, the smiles... Everything positive. No more highschool drama shit. I'm... WE are fucking SENIORS!!! The best year of our lives. And fuck that. I am not throwing away that change/ those chances on stupid shit from last year. So starting now (or like... since 8 o'clock last night) its a whole new, fun, happy, crazy, ooutgoing, interesting Christine. YUP!! Thats me! I can't wait to start.

Plus this year is all about the parties every weekend!!!!

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Randome Shit:♥
*I decided I was turning "trevian"
*Sex apeal is the coolest thing in the world.
*I am now in love with A&F!
*Scurriest moment: Being drunk, falling down a lot, finnaly looking around me, seeing that I was surrounded by boys chantnig, "do it! do it!". =)